From us you will receive high quality services, fair and responsible attitude, competent advice in the field of tax and social security legislation.

Depending on the requirements of your organizational structure, we offer a wide range of tools designed to help you manage your financial and accounting processes. We offer both one-time accounting services and subscription services. For more information you can contact us.
Our legal department analyzes every little detail of your legal case, because it can be crucial for the ultimate success. Our experience shows us that in-depth study of each case is largely the key to success. We try to speak a language understandable to our customers.
Both in Bulgaria and around the world, tax legislation is one of the most dynamic processes. Due to the enlargement of the EU, as well as globalization, it is more and more necessary to solve cases related to two or more countries.
Receiving grants under European programs is associated with a number of requirements and prerequisites. Through a personal consultation, which is completely free and always preferred by us, provided by our expert.
Regardless of the type, complexity and size of your organization, we can offer you all the necessary services related to the management of administrative processes regarding the processing of remuneration.
If you want to gain practical knowledge of budgeting and learn how to use financial data to extract information to help you optimize the management decision-making process, we are here for you.